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Even if you are sad, remember to smile... =)

Hello! =)

I finally reach the age of 21 this year..
Hope the adult world is not very scary!
Have been sort of neglecting this space
Will update as much as I can!

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You can't blame them really... =p
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13 Alliance introduction~

13 Alliance is my group of friends found in my secondary school life. They are the reason back then why I wake up and go to school and one of the most important people of my life! I hereby intro them one by one.. haha..

Alliance number 1
Alliance number 1? lol I think he know he have a space here.. But I dun know whether he regard this.. Heard he moved out of Punggol to Yishun.. Take care ya?

Alliance number 2
Elysia is a nice and innocent looking girl as you can see from this photo.. But you dun really wanna cross her.. hahaha... Both of us are totally in love with Bling blings and Long John Silver. Even though she love Gold but I prefer Silver, well opposite attracts! =p

Alliance number 3
Always unpredictable and random, Limay is very fun to be with! Also, she is an expert in taking photos.. She got a lot of different ideas and they always come out nice. She is a Must-have for photo-taking session!

Alliance number 4
I will never forget that incident where he went inside the Comic Connections Shop and was actually looking at POKEMON STATUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And those not nice one still! LOL! Leonard! He is a nice guy but he is also super no-link.. haha.. And always do things without studying bout the subject hard enough.. LEONARD! DO MORE RESEARCH!!!! =p

Alliance number 5
I.am.Simin. Hahaha.. As a lot of my friends know, I am the deity and slave for chocolate..

Alliance number 6
Joanna is the one lar! LOL She is now studying in Lasalle, something about animation art.. Finally she got in to a course that she likes and is interested in.. Other than that, she is a girl that will share everything she have and time with her is always enjoyable!

Alliance number 7
Alex ar.... I dun know what to say bout him leh.. LOL. He is reliable and not very reliable. He is considerate and not considerate. He is a gentleman and oh so pervert.(All these are compliments!!) I think he is a bi-polar guy.. hahaha What can you say? He is Alex. =)

Alliance number 8
Yiqiang is someone you will go to when you have computer problems. He is also the source of animes for me.. He have the "Dun stand so close to me, I dun know you" look but actually he is very nice when you start to know him properly. Always seen with Alex doing things that are beyond explanable. Hahahaha!

Alliance number 9
Junlong is my god-brother forever!!!!! Words cannot describe how happy I am to have him as a god brother.. He is a good audience for your troubles and the center of 13 Alliance.. and not forgetting he's a auntie-killer! =p

Alliance number 10
Everytime I see basket ball I think of Cheeming LOL. I think he is still a fan of Ninja stuff.. But anyway, he is a funny guy and loves to overtrain himself. Please take care of your body!!!!!

Alliance number 11
Xue ming got into Ngee Ann poly ler!! Gratz! She is MIA in progress but we hope to see more of her.. Same as Joanna, she also share everything she have with us..

Alliance number 12
Another MIA in progress..! Come out of your shell girl! She is a girl that dares to do things that are extreme just for the fun of it..


number 13
Zaitul.. hmm.. very long never see him ler.. Dun know how is he.. Hope he is ok..?

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